WordPress Experts

For the past 10+ years we have lived and breathed WordPress – the CMS that powers 35% of the internet.

Love it or hate it, WordPress is here to stay. It’s a sensible choice for many reasons:

  1. Quick and cost-effective to build.
  2. User-friendly, intuitive CMS.
  3. Secure.

Stop Reinventing The Wheel

WordPress already does a lot of the basics really well. Need user registrations? eCommerce? Easy media management? Thousands of people from all over the world have developed and tested these basic features.

This allows us to spend time on the bits that are going to make your website stand out.

It’s cheaper, quicker and easier.

A CMS Even Your Mum Can Understand

Some people don’t like WordPress’s UI, but often those people have been forced to used a version that has been poorly designed – often with a bunch of unwieldy plugins that make editing a complete pain.

If you want to see how clean and easy a WordPress CMS can be just get in touch and we will give you a demo.

Our experience in WordPress development means we design it right, and build it to give you all the things you need and nothing you don’t.

Security Baked-In

WordPress is open-source software which means it is a big target for malicious baddies on the internet. There is a misconception out there that WordPress is insecure. This is not true – provided it is kept up to date.

The same applies to all software – on your computer, tablet, phone etc.

We ensure WordPress sites we host are kept secure, by providing monthly plugin and core updates as part of our hosting service. If your WordPress site is hosted with us – it’s a secure as it can be. No more worries!

A Bespoke Approach

There are thousands of WordPress developers out there. Many will cobble together a website for you from an off-the-shelf template and a smattering of intrusive plugins, and that might be absolutely fine for you.

We design and build our WordPress websites from scratch. We use only the minimum number of plugins to keep your site performant and the UI clean. We will write a plugin for you that does exactly what you need, rather than use two or three plugins that barely cover your needs.

If you find you have out-grown your off-the-shelf WordPress plugins, or are hitting the wall in terms of what you can do with a Wix or Squarespace site, then you need to talk to us!