"We have worked closely with LazenbyBrown to improve the user's experience of GlencorGolf.com which has directly resulted in a huge increase in conversion levels across all channels as well as contributing to the fantastic improvements in our organic Google rankings."

Corrie Renton — Director, Glencor Golf Holidays
Stats are based on June 2019 vs June 2018.
Total website users
Organic website users
Conversions from organic traffic
Conversions from paid traffic

Glencor Golf Holidays are another success story and one of our long term clients.

A three-way collaboration between Glencor, our friends Edge45, and ourselves, we continuously innovate, test, and optimise the website to deliver incremental performance improvements that ultimately lead to more customers and more sales.

Corrie and the guys at Glencor understand that building an online business takes persistence, time, and the right expertise at the right moment. That understanding has paid off and they have grown the business from a small family concern into a serious competitor in the UK golf holidays marketplace.