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Bold Careers

Bold Careers are a young, ambitious recruitment company that approached us with a clear goal – to create a brand that would assert itself in the market from day one, while being true to its values and endeavouring to fulfil high-end aspirations.



First an archetype and personality were defined which forms the base of a brand attitude. We addressed the tired, corporate language used in the sector, by creating a Tone of Voice which is bristling with personality and humanity.

A strong logo and visual identity was created, alongside marketing collateral that gave the business a competitive edge over similar sized competition.

Bespoke photography helped define the styling. Many of the locations being recognisable to both candidates and clients helped to create a strong link to the region.

A brand book was written to act as the cornerstone of all Bold communications. It focuses on the ideology and personality of the business and defines how Bold engages with its clients.

Bold Brand
Bold Careers


The business was launched with all the marketing collateral it needed to express itself truly and with authority. Prospective clients began to take note immediately and business grew quickly.

The success of the first six months meant Bold was able to accelerate its business plans, employing new staff and bringing ideas for growth forward to access new opportunities.

Bold Careers
Bold Careers Photography

“We needed to launch Bold with a bang. We needed a strong, believable brand that presented our fresh approach to clients. LazenbyBrown developed everything we needed and made sense of how Bold should look and feel, what we should say, and how we should say it.

The work LazenbyBrown did meant we could hit the ground running. We are already smashing targets and a good proportion of our clients have come directly as a response to first impressions of the brand. It’s definitely opened doors for us.”

Richard Evans  |  Director